Friday, September 18, 2009

12 weeks now!!

So I am already 12 weeks! It is going by so fast, but at the same time it seems like 18 weeks is taking forever to get here! lol I'm so ready to find out the sex of the baby! I'm ready to shop till I drop, already have a few shopping trips planned with friends and family!

I am so blessed to have the most amazing family and friends! It wasn't a week after I told everyone the news, that I got the CUTEST little onesy (sp?) from a great friend with the sweetest card, made me tear up a little. Thanks Shelly! Then, I got a box, of the most precious clothes, boots, and sleepers!! All gender neutral, of course since we don't know the sex, but I LOVE them all! I love greens,yellows and little aminals! There's this one sleeper that has a baby giraffee and baby elephant hugging, the elephant has its trunk wrapped around the giraffee's neck. awwww so sweet!! Thanks Janet!

The most precious gift we could ever ask for, is coming from Cory's 97 year old Great Grandma Harney. She made a quilt for her first Great Great Grandchild, back several years ago. We were about to stroke out that we weren't going to get that dang quilt, since it was taking us FOREVER to get pregnant. lol However, we did win the race after all ;) Anglea, my mother-n-law, is going to finish the binding and then have it quilted. I will definetly have a very special place in the baby room, for that quilt to hang! On the back of the quilt, my favorite part, is a piece of fabric that Grandma Harney wrote, "To my First Great Great Grandchild Love Grandma Harney" so sweet! It will be in our family forever!

I mentioned before, that I get weekly emails from, that keeps me up-to-date on my babies progress/growth. Well this week, the baby can open and close its hands, make a sucking motion with its mouth, is about 2" (size of a lime), and is starting to kick (even though I can't feel it yet and won't for a while). It's so exciting to hear in just a week, it has grown apx. a 1/2"!

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