Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second Doctors Appointment- September 14th

I was soooooo excited for this appointment! I knew that we should get to hear the heartbeat and I just couldn't wait! Unfortunatly, my husband got called to work only an hour before my appointment so I was bummed that I was going to have to experience this alone :(

I got to the apt and had to wait forever it seemed like! I'm sure it was because I was so excited for it. lol Well, I got into the room and the doc came in this this tiny handheld gagit that had a cord on it with the concave thingy to put on your belly. (like my descriptions? haha) So, he pressed it on my low stomach and got the heart beat immediatly and then lost it. He had to search a few minutes to get it again and soon found it. He calculated the beats were 165 beats per min. I was pleased to find out that there would be no poking and prauding at this apt! It was fast once I got back there. It definetly hit home that I was going to be a mom at this point.

You would think getting a positive test, seeing the baby on the ultrasound at the first apt, and all the symptoms would make me realize this. lol But for some reason, it just didn't sink in until that point. I'm definetly scared of the fact that a baby changes so many things in your life and I'm 100% scared of labor but I know that they are totally worth it and I absolutly cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life.


  1. I think this was a great idea! When you get old like me you forget so many wonderful times and certain little things that you wish you could remember later. Keep it up!!!

  2. yeah that's what I was thinking. That way all my friends and family can keep up with what's going on with this adventure :) it sure is an exciting one!! thx again for the package! i still can't get over how cute it all is!!!