Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Road to Conception

I always swore I would never get one of these things. lol After I got to thinking about it, I think it would be kinda neat to go back, read it and remember all of my adventours of my pregnancy.

This is my first pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited! Cory and I tried for about a year and a half and I started to except the fact that maybe it just wasn't going to happen for us. It seemed like everyone I talked to about it kept telling me, "just quit stressing about it". That's aweful hard to do when you want it so bad and feel like its going to take FOREVER to get. After about a year and a few months, I did just that. I quit timeing, thinking, and worring about it.

About two months after that, I went on my yearly Mary Kay convention and was so engrossed in all that I was learning and excited to be around my amazing friends that I hadn't realized before I left I was already supposed to start. When I got home, from this four day trip, it was then that I realized that I was already six days late! I was thinking, how could I not realize this?!!! So, this was a Sunday night, my husband had just left for work and I thought I would just wait until the morning to take the test. I have always heard to take your tests first pee because your hormones were at their highest. Well after sitting on the couch, stewing about to take a test or not, I figured if I was already six days late, it would come up positive if I was pregnant. So, I decided to take a test and within seconds of peeing on that test it was postive! BAM! I was in total shock because I had convienced myself it was never going to happen! Obviously the first thing I did, was call my husband and tell him the news! He was in denial himself! It really never hit either one of us until the first doc apt!

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